Monday, September 14, 2009

best intentions

Ah, yes, so...that 15-minutes-of-writing rule that was to begin today, shall instead begin tomorrow. Interesting things to note:

Advising students, as it turns out, is a huge, ginormous, immense and stupendous time suck. I had no appreciation for how much time this steals from your day-to-day work life...also, half of them aren't even my advisees, and yet I end up advising them. WTF? I guess I feel appreciated, kiddos, but seriously. GO talk to YOUR advisor, and not just to tell them what we discussed.

I am way too easily distracted by the fact that I am supposed to be planning a wedding - we actually set a date right before I left for the summer, and now that I'm back I have to get shit organized. It's not for about a year, but still, I let that serve as an excuse and I allow myself to do a little googling over my lunch hour and suddenly I've killed an hour. Today I failed to exercise OR write, and I have to stare at that lunch hour of wedding planning as a very bad, bad influence.

Tomorrow I get to make up for my missed 15 minutes from today. Hear that, self? Do it.