Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Stupid Journal, you finally got me your editorial decision, only 1.1 years after I gave you the damned manuscript. I will revise this damned thing and give it back to you, and you'd better not take another year in deciding to publish it, you bastards.

At least this came back in time for me to include it in my review materials, since an editorial "revise and resubmit" is way better than me just saying "hey I submitted this paper, ain't that great?" Also, I have a hard time believing that a two-year review is really that useful, since I just got my feet under me. I guess we'll see what they say.

I have a different manuscript due in one month, and yet NOW is the time that by brain decides to come up with interesting grant ideas and get me all excited about writing up some stuff for NSF. Likely just so I can see how much they hate it in the spring, and fix it for later. But I guess being excited to write SOMETHING is better than complete and total apathy. At least if I revise one manuscript and submit another by Nov., I should be guaranteed something in 2010, keeping me on my one-paper-a-year goal, which in turn should keep me from going into a blind panic as I approach year six (but I shouldn't be worrying that far ahead...should I?).

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