Thursday, September 3, 2009

visitors and plans

My mother has been visiting, and generally giving me good advice about how to arrange/decorate the house and garden, both of which have seen very little change of late. This is not all that important in terms of home decor, but we probably should have kept up on the weeding a bit more. I think mom is happier with us now that she's had a chance to get her hands dirty.

What I find both perplexing and fairly amusing is that our evil cat HATES, HATES my mother. Our cat is always more Partner's cat than mine, and usually dislikes visitors in general, but she's been a little jerk to my mother since she arrived and hasn't let up. The cat hisses and swipes at my mother's feet, sits on the guest room windowsill just to throw a fit when my mother enters the room, and makes a point of being in my mother's way. The hissing is a little intense, even for our cat. I wonder what it is about my mom?

In the meantime I'm attempting to line up my year of conferences - I keep telling myself that I need to branch out and attend conferences X and Y that I've never been to, but yet again the abstract deadlines have gone and I didn't submit. There are also at least two smaller meetings that I had told people I would try to make but which I will probably not be attending. Oh well. I do have a session I'm chairing at the large fall meeting and an invited talk at the smaller spring meeting, so maybe that's plenty.

Partner's busy fall of long work hours and minimal home time started today, and mom is leaving this weekend, so I'm expecting to get down to some serious work starting Monday and I might get to come up for air around late November. Let the fun begin!

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