Monday, October 26, 2009


Today a fellow second-year proffie told me that the second year was supposed to be the hardest. I think I believe them. It's been a shitty week or so, and it didn't help that I was away attempting to be a professional during the early portion of last week. I chaired a session at a national meeting for the first time - it was quite fun. My own talk kinda sucked, but it was also pretty repetitive from stuff I've talked about before, so I guess it wasn't going to be great no matter what.

Since then I've been catching up - and spending the majority of my time with students. Which is fine, but once again the one-on-one time is killing me in terms of having time to do anything else. This weekend I succeeded in doing the most important cleaning tasks, and spent approximately 1.5 hours on yardwork. I also watched a movie with Partner, which was sadly the most time we've had to sit down and hang out for several weeks. Otherwise I finally have a field trip organized but I didn't get all my grading done.

Last night I gave up at 2 am and went to bed, which led to a later morning than usual. Which is probably why I forgot my office keys, and had to go back home and get them. Which led to my running late for class, which of course occurs on the same day that every printer on my floor is jammed and I have to run around trying to get my handouts printed. Oh Monday.

And then, of course, it's suddenly 3 pm and I have no idea where the day has gone. I guess I should go home and make dinner. It's probably a good thing that Partner works crazy hours, too.

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