Sunday, October 11, 2009


We're finally eating our way through the last of the summer garden, so I thought I should update on what we got out of it before I finish it off. We planted three types of tomatoes - red zebras, brandywines, and a generic store-bought plant that we got when we seemed to have destroyed all our seed-grown plants. Some of those seeds made it through, though, so we got some good heirlooms as well as the generic slicers. The brandywines were great when eaten at exactly the right time; otherwise they tended to go bad pretty quickly and the quality went downhill as well. The red zebras were good and fairly hardy; we still have a pile of them ripening on the counter. These guys were affected by some bacterial spots, theoretically due to the wet weather, but they were still good.

The tomatoes could have done better; we had them in a less-than-ideal bed in terms of support and sun. We have plans to improve those things next year, and even with bad placement we had plenty for eating and sauce-making over the past month or so.

The purple viking potatoes did really well, and we have a pile in the basement that should last us through part of the winter. They hold a lot more water than the russets I was used to; I have therefore had to adjust my baking techniques, particularly when making french fries. Mostly, purple potatoes are awesome.

The lettuce failed - we should have started it inside, because we didn't have the time to keep the beds clear and the plants got lost. We planted some strawberries that were not very good - probably we'll ditch those in the future. I think it was a good start considering that Partner was here all by himself all summer and there was minimal time for garden maintenance.

We're planning on some garlic that will go in the ground soon, and in the spring we'll be rotating the tomatoes and potatoes. Lettuce will be started inside and then taken out, and maybe I'll go for some peas. I think we'll do the zebras again, a brandywine or two, maybe find a new heirloom. Another potato variety would be fun. I want some cherry tomatoes.

Otherwise we've been finding some random local foods where possible - there's a farm near Partner's job that has a big fall stand, and I've recently become fairly addicted to a salsa that our local grocery store is selling for a local farm. It has zucchini in it. Yum.

Small steps, maybe. Better than nothing, with life as crazy as it is.

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