Thursday, November 19, 2009


Today I overslept, by a LOT. I usually bring in my phone as a back-up, as I'm prone to oversleeping...apparently I am still dependent upon the two-part wake-up call, because the one night I don't do it I totally fail to wake up on time. I didn't miss anything, but I didn't get to the gym...and so the saga continues.

This week has been a bit intense for the LAL household - I have failed to clean, cook or shop. We're running out of food and our house is disgusting. We've been living on leftovers and Partner's famous "throw whatever we have into a pot" soup (which is actually really good, because Partner is a good cook, unlike others who live here).

Everyone I know is announcing pregnancies, which is annoying me for some reason (I blame them for making me feel old) - such that Partner and I had a conversation earlier about how impossible our current lives would be in terms of procreation. As in, completely, utterly, not possible for us to even consider having a kid unless someone quit their job. Not really relevant to life right now, but an interesting observation.

This manuscript really needs to get finished by early next week, or I'm in deep shit. It's about 1/3 finished minus figures and formatting. 3000 words isn't particularly long, so I think it's doable...though I am taking Friday night and Saturday to decompress, so we'll see how Sunday goes. There may be some late nights in my immediate future.


DrDudeChick said...

"I have failed to clean, cook or shop. We're running out of food and our house is disgusting."

Same here. But I am on my own, so no help from anywhere.

Sometimes it is the best though. It means you are focused on your priorities, and you give your energy there 100%.

Who cares whether the house is clean? Ok, it may be a little unpleasant (I know...) but still, when you finish that manuscript you will have this great accomplishment!

And you can go to a restaurant sometimes to forget about the state of your house ;-)

Good luck with writing!

Karina said...

Have you ever played the Sims? I was playing the Sims a lot last week and now sometimes I find myself seeing life like the Sims in the game. Your comment (highlighted above) brought to mind some funny images from The Sims. I can picture your Sim self and your Sim partner cursing in simese upon opening the fridge and finding nothing but leftovers, losing mood points because the house is messy, and generally tired. Sometimes I think the Sims do ridiculous things, but sometimes I'm blown away by how spot-on the creators were.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

DDC, I never thought about a dirty house illustrating my dedication to my job instead of broadcasting my failures at hygiene, but I kinda like that viewpoint.

Karina, I can totally see that Sim-view. And then we'd probably stamp our feet and yell at nothing until we died of starvation. ;)