Monday, November 30, 2009


Submission complete! Just in time for me to claim this manuscript as an accomplishment for the year in my CV update. And even though it didn't take me all day to finish some edits and submit, I am tempted to call it a day. Damn you, false sense of progress!

Today I made an effort to find a general practitioner in Small Town, and was told that they would have to "talk to the doctor" and call me back regarding new patients. Um...what? Either the guy is taking patients or he isn't - are you going to run a background check on me first?

Also, I finally hired a DJ for our wedding - apparently this is something I barely accomplished in time, since everyone seems to be booked. WTF is up with that? People are far too organized.

I guess this means there's nothing pressing left but to deal with the giant stack of! I want my Thanksgiving vacation back.