Sunday, November 8, 2009


Things going through my brain at the moment, to be spewed on the blogosphere so that I can sleep instead of thinking about them:


-- I've agreed to pursue a local research project with a tenured colleague in a very different department.

Pros: relevant to my experience, local, doable a few hours at a time, gets me kudos for networking between departments, easy to involve students and work into one of the classes I teach, forces me to network with local government people relevant to my work.

Cons: research of minimal relevance/importance and probably only publishable in small/local journals, I have a lot of crap going on already, if I can't get enough students on board I'm going to have a shitload of crap lab work to do, and if it doesn't work out or if I somehow am viewed as abandoning the project my colleague is also one of the people who evaluates me for promotion and that could be really, really bad.

It's too late now, but as we get started this is making me nervous.

-- I've become a total slacker in some ways...I think it's just because so much is going on that I have a hard time motivating myself to make use of small pieces of time. I find myself wasting chunks of the day online or doing life-related stuff when I should be doing work-related stuff. Or I come home after work and don't open my laptop at all. This is bad, and I need to stop doing it.

-- I got an extension on a manuscript and still haven't bloody worked on it.


-- We are trying to find thermal curtains for the downstairs that aren't ugly, and this is proving to be an impossible task. I think we will have to go with a separate lining layer and a regular curtain.

-- Our house has ridiculously weird window sizes, so I'm buying the closest relevant widths and hoping the blinds work. If not, we'll have to go custom, and that will suck.

-- We got that bloody expensive boiler installed, and have yet to have a completely functional system. First one thing was leaking, and now another thing is leaking. Damn you stupid heating system, function why don't you!

-- Today we went to the local ginormous hardware store and I found out that I could get an entire kitchen's worth of very nice cabinetry for way less than I thought (provided we install it ourselves). Partner says we can't have a new kitchen until we pay off all the current crap and get married. Damn you, practicality!

-- I need to start going to bed instead of blogging at night.

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PUI prof said...

Good luck with it all. I hope that you have enough student interest that the project won't fall on your hands completely to get done.

Sounds to me like water quality testing. Our school does a lot of that and we can work it into our curriculum pretty easily on numerous courses.

It is kinda easy to see how stay-at-homers can fill their days up full time with stuff like choosing curtains, isn't it??