Monday, December 7, 2009


The term, it is over. And I recently received my stats for the reserves I had in the library. Number of times a review book was used: 1. Number of times students claimed that they were trying hard and keeping up with the course using the books in the library: multiple. Little lying bastards. Not that I'm surprised. Next term I might just say something like, "look people, I get to see how many times these books are checked out, so don't even bother lying to me." Same deal with our online management space - "I'm following the lectures online!" turns out to be a load of hooey - though in that case I can actually look up each student's activity history.

The term is over, which means an immediate regression to my non-work sleep schedule. Which is very similar to the one I had in college. Which is fine, except that getting up at 10 and going to be at 2 am makes it a little bit difficult to function in the real world, and I have some morning meetings to go to later this week, so that's going to hurt.

I've always been a heavy and late sleeper - my parents hated dragging me out of bed during high school, my various college roommates could start a support group to complain about my snoozing habits (I was usually not the one who eventually turned off the alarm clock) and every once in a while Partner ventures the term "sleep disorder" when things get particularly skewed. Hey man, it's the rest of the world that's disorderly. I truly believe that if I were locked into one of those windowless basement sleep study rooms and allowed to sleep on my body's schedule I would sleep for 12 hours, stay up for 14-15, and progress my way around the clock every few weeks. That type of sleep schedule doesn't fly, unfortunately. But, screw it. For now, I'll just deal with a few 9am appointments and let myself sleep in the rest of the time.

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