Tuesday, December 15, 2009


- Got the H1N1 and seasonal flu vaccines this afternoon on a whim (more specifically, on a last-minute realization that the clinic was giving H1N1 today). I'm wondering if the fact that I feel icky right now is a direct result (likely).

- Went to the post office and mailed the few boxes that are going out this year (hooray for internet shopping). The line was long, but nothing compared to mailing xmas stuff in City. Hooray for Small Town.

- Progress on house stuff since last week: zero.

- Drama in immediate circle of friends and peers: up 60%. Stop having babies, people. Seriously.

- Spending a lot of time on service stuff. Might have to rethink this "no field work in December" thing if it means I get to deal with a lot of service obligations instead.

- Next week is Xmas. Holy crap, how did that happen!?

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