Monday, December 28, 2009


December continues to fly past me, and I've about given up trying to get things done. We celebrated a nice xmas (as well as my near-xmas birthday - this seems to be common among people I know, as well as within the "spring fever" babies I guess) with Partner's family despite the bad weather, and were very glad to be driving a short distance instead of flying somewhere and likely getting stuck at an airport in the process (can't every xmas be relatively travel free?).

Things I learned (or relearned) over the past week:

- People with stuffed animals in the rear window of their cars are either extremely slow or very bad drivers
- Sometimes having an SUV is actually useful and potentially life-saving
- Napping is a bad idea
- I hate plaster walls with a raging passion
- Partner is a very patient and forgiving man

In addition to doing nothing useful, I have stuffed myself to physical discomfort at least twice, and my house is still a mess. However! This week will see the end of projects (no matter what), a mad cleaning frenzy, and a panicked return to the office where I will face the work I've been neglecting with a heavy heart. Or, maybe with relief, depending upon the house project status.

I hope you all got some time with friends and/or family over the past week!

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