Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Today: meeting in-between cookie baking. No house work accomplished, even though I really wanted to get some done because I can finally see the end of this project.

Tomorrow: maybe some house work before we head out for the xmas visit. Sometimes, such as now, being only a few hours away from (Partner's) family is nice (well, it's usually nice. But particularly now).

Xmas "time off": I have job apps to read that will be coming with me. I have revisions that I've only barely started to deal with, and my laptop is coming with me. Likelihood of doing any of this work? Minimal. For some reason having it with me makes me feel less guilty about it; if I leave it at home I just feel lazy for not bringing it. This is probably a pattern I should try to break.

Next week: Syllabi, paper revisions, phone conferences, class scheduling, department and committee meetings, lab preparations. I also have some serious lit searches that need to get done before the term begins, and I'm doing some field work in about a month and I need to get organized for it. Likelihood of being well-prepared for the beginning of term? Minimal. Que sera.

This year, Xmas really just seems like a distraction.

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