Sunday, January 10, 2010

into the future

Possibly the most frightening aspect of getting older is watching our parents, as our future selves, fall to their genetic and environmental predators. Maybe it's helpful in a way, since you think you know what's coming (and maybe you do, to an extent). But it also marks off the finish line. You have this much time until life changes, or declines, or ends. Get used to it.

So, New Year, it would be nice if you would actually afford a fresh start, since you currently have all that hype and no delivery.

My first lab student is on their way and getting the lab dirty; another begins this week. My research assistant is wading through stuff that I've been waiting to get to for a year now. I'm a fan of this "other people do some stuff" productivity. Definitely.

I have approximately one week before I take a quick trip overseas for some field work. I am so unprepared. Am I likely to be prepared by the time I leave? Hmm.

Things I don't like right now:
- my inability to finish revisions because I won't sit down and do it
- the discovery of high lead content in the soil we grew veggies in all summer (d'oh!)
- bitchy program officers
- allergies that have progressed to the point where I should probably actually go to a doctor (damn you cat!)

Things I'm happy about right now:
- Partner's amazing pizza-making abilities
- my clean house
- awesome friends and colleagues

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