Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today I'm whittling away at the stuff that has to come before those final manuscript revisions. I finally finished my field report from my January trip. I'm giving a talk to important people re: my other field project, this weekend, and then that will be out of the way. I have dinner plans for the next two days, lunch plans tomorrow, coffee plans on Sunday...and hey, I only have six meetings scheduled so far for next week. Not so bad, if only it would stay that way.

One of my advisees just emailed me to let me know that they can't come in for advising tomorrow, because they're going out of town. Even though they had two weeks to schedule an advising meeting, and tomorrow is the last day they can do it. I wonder if they noticed that they're taking my class next term. Not a good start, kid.

I'm itching to know the specifics of SLAC's tenure consideration of publications. I realize that papers that were in press when I came here aren't going to help me. But what if I did part of the analysis here? What if I did all of the revisions here? Would things count here that wouldn't necessarily be useful at a larger University? Hmm. I probably shouldn't actually ask. But I wonder.

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