Wednesday, February 17, 2010

no pressure

As an undergrad I studied abroad. As a faculty member, I'm now being pressured to direct the program I attended as a student. This is something I had thought about doing someday, but I certainly hadn't considered doing it SOON. Now I'm all upside-down. Should I apply? And if I decide to spend six months in this country, whose language I still speak better than the language spoken in both of my current research areas, how do I get Partner to come with me? How do I deal with it if he can't? Which of my other two field projects do I ditch in order to make my directorial year manageable? What will my Dean say if I want to be gone for 3/4 of the year (which would be directing this program + one field project)?


I have been teaching a course fairly regularly, which is new at SLAC. I'm not teaching it, for the first time in a while, during the Spring. So now I have requests from Seniors who wanted to take it, and can I please work with them independently if I'm not going to be teaching it? I'm not so much of a sucker that I would normally say yes, but since they're seniors I have a hard time saying no, especially since this is a skills-based course that might help them get a job someday.

Maybe I am a sucker after all.

I've actually been checked up on (checked up upon?) by someone who reviewed a paper I submitted a while back; the reviewer wanted to know how the resubmission went. This is nice, but it makes me feel really, really bad that I haven't actually resubmitted yet - and the fact that I was planning to get the new version out to my coauthor this weekend, or next week at the latest, probably doesn't save me, does it?


I'd like to blame my recent field season + service load. Maybe I'll still do that, even if it's only partially valid. I will say that being on a search committee has reminded me of all the things I liked about SLAC when I interviewed - that's particularly nice now, as I drown in a sea of overdue obligations.

Also, I will yet again be co-chairing a session at the big fall conference. Yay for getting the session passed, I guess. It wasn't so bad last least my co-chair will be the primary contact this time.

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