Wednesday, March 24, 2010

back to work

Break is over! How did that happen! And why am I always surprised? This one was not bad - I took a few days off and still did most, though not all, of the work I wanted to do. I unfortunately did not get to some revisions and a review that I will now have to squeeze into a weekend somewhere. A weekend that will likely also have a field trip, because this spring is going to be field trip-tastic, for better (sunshine! seeing stuff!) or for worse (planning! orchestrating! stress!). On the plus side, my lab is now more functional, since I had time to set up some equipment. Fun equipment. That, at least, will be entertaining.

On the home front, we are not accomplishing any much-needed yard work, Partner has been ill for several days (which seems likely to continue), and I am about to give up and go find out whether I did something worse than I thought to my foot, which continues to make me a gimp. As a result, I have not done much cleaning, despite the spring-cleaning bug, and I've been on a yoga-only regimen. Which is ok, except that I'm starting to get antsy for something more...raw. Or maybe, something that takes less mental effort. This may be a sign that I should keep it up, because I have not previously run into this mental resistance to yoga, and it's very interesting.

Also, when it's nice out, it's rough to be limited to the floor of my living room.

Spring is going to eat me alive. Bring it.

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