Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I get the feeling that this break, like all breaks, will fly by. So far I'm off to a decent start, though, with lots of grading accomplished, some lab maintenance stuff done, a grant review submitted, and my house cleaner than it was last week. I even took Sunday to do nothing useful.

I also get to step back and think about my personal life. I'm finally starting a retirement fund. This makes me feel really, really old. We're going over some work we want done on the house in the next few years, and trying to prioritize. I might paint something (always a bad idea, yet necessary).

Things to look forward to:

- sun, and the ability to bike to work
- tax refunds
- outdoor labs and projects
- drying laundry on the line

Maybe I will buy some deck furniture. Or maybe that's spring fever talking.

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