Monday, March 29, 2010


I broke down, and I went to the doctor, and I got a supporting opinion that I actually have a stress fracture. This is shitty. It's not so painful that I can't get around, any more, but with the nice weather it's going to be hard to avoid a run or two. Maybe in a few weeks. Perhaps this will motivate me to FINALLY go swimming at SLAC, which I have been intending to do since my first term here.

Today I designated a lab manager = senior doing a lot of work in the lab. Not much for them to do as part of this "position", but at least now someone who is actually in there on a regular basis will be keeping an eye on things.

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MiddleClassNonwhiteFemaleInHumanScience said...

I suppose self-care is as important as being responsible for "things" that needed to be done. Be well.