Saturday, March 20, 2010

I run, therefore...?

For some reason I always think as "runner" as a mindset more than a description of an activity...and I don't count myself as a runner, even though I occasionally do go for a run. My insane friends who are always signing up for races and worrying about times - those are runners. They do it because they love it; I do it because I'm addicted to exercise and sometimes it's nice to go outside.

This week was the first week for running outdoors around here, and I was curious to see how it would go. My winter (and middle-of-summer) workouts are primarily elliptical work, weights and yoga, and even though I think those do a pretty good job keeping me in some kind of shape, these runner friends of mine had me doubting that elliptical workouts were really up to par with a run. I was therefore pretty happy to find that a 5k was no problem my first day outside...definitely a transition in terms of impact and a few particular muscle groups, but cardiovascularly it was all good.

It's too bad my second time out ended with weird foot uninformed opinion is that I did something to a peroneus tendon. I guess it's ok that it's snowing then, because I might be doing a lot of seated yoga in the near future.

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