Sunday, March 7, 2010


I had a very enjoyable, very irresponsible weekend in which my only work-related activity was turning off the lab oven at an appointed time on Saturday morning. I had plans to finish revisions (yes, those same revisions, which are now mandatory for tomorrow) but work-related plans somehow were not foremost in my mind.

Instead, Partner and I did wedding stuff, like registering for presents (which is far more fun than I had anticipated, and I had expected it to be fun) and ordering invitations. We also had our very belated Valentine's Day dinner, since Partner was gone over Valentine's Day and this was his first full weekend home. And, finally, we had a fabulous Saturday night with good friends, which we don't do often enough. Between all of that, grocery shopping, working out and sleeping in...there went the weekend.

I hate meeting burn-out...a week full of meetings makes me tired and grumpy and ready for a break, even though I haven't actually accomplished anything useful. The result is continued procrastination on things that would be productive and relevant to my career.

Tomorrow I will have to try to balance the two, since there will be meetings, but I'm really pushing the edge of how long I can hold onto this stupid manuscript.

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