Thursday, March 11, 2010


I'm having a bad week with electronic doo-dads and software. This may be related to the fact that I'm teaching two technology courses this term and they all have projects due pre-break. So they are panicking and trying to do things that they shouldn't be trying to do. I'm pretty much burnt out on this particular topic right now, so it's good I won't be doing it again next term.

Maybe it's just bad luck that I also have a very expensive piece of equipment that stopped working, and some imaging software that isn't doing everything I need it to do. Both the tech support people for these various items seem to be traveling and/or otherwise unavailable -- considering that my tech support for the very expensive item is over in another two weeks, these dudes had better call be back asap.

Sigh. Maybe I should just turn off my computer and go sit in the sun, lest I break something else.

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