Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I was always comforted, as a graduate student, by the idea that my research was so specific to a particular place, and in general obscure, that no one was really going to care beyond my immediate group of colleagues who are also interested in this place and its problems. Finding, now that a few things have come out of this work, that other people are paying attention, I find both flattering and surprising. Maybe this is the way to go - no disappointment on finding out that I'm not a superstar; instead I'm thrilled that three strangers give a crap.

Other randomness:

Uploading figures to editorial sites takes friggin FOREVER. I would rather be making a chocolate cake. Soon, soon.

Today we picked up a new toy for Partner. Hint: it has wheels, and doesn't fit in the house.

I would like spring a lot more if it didn't also bring out all the barking, whining dogs that live near us. I don't hate dogs, but I'm getting closer to that feeling as I have to listen to them bark all the time.

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