Friday, April 30, 2010


Today I had the pleasure of discovering that the fire alarms in my building are not normal siren-type alarms, but instead feature a male voice that asks for our attention, notifies us that a fire has been reported, and tells us we should proceed to the nearest exit. I found this a bit confusing at first...and then I found it much less horrible than the siren-type alarms, to the extent that I could finish what I was doing, pack up my laptop and grab my jacket before leaving. This is probably a bad thing for fire safety...just a hunch.

The other day I was exiting the library and overheard a student on a cellphone stating that she was going to see if her professor "would fall for that whole 'I emailed you the wrong document'" thing, by sending in an old assignment and using a few extra hours to finish the current assignment. Student, I wish you could know that you just killed any chance that I will ever accept that particular excuse ever again...yes, I do realize that this is likely a sham no matter who's trying it, but I like to think that sometimes people really do just attach the wrong document. I try to be nice until I find good reason not to be, but now I hope this comes back to bite you....take my class and try it.

Today, finally, student research! A brief glimpse of a cool question someday to be answered...and then back to lecture.

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T said...

I've seen ads for sites that sell intentionally corrupted documents, so that the student can then be like, "What? It looked fine on my computer! I'm out now, but I'll send you the new one ASAP" and buy themselves an extra day. It makes me super annoyed in theory, but then again, time has shown me that students who rely on tactics like that typically do not write the best of papers even given the extra time.