Sunday, April 25, 2010


Guess who's writing lecture until the wee hours of Monday morning!? At least that means I win my own bet - winner!

Accomplished this weekend:
- did two good workouts
- cleaned the kitchen and bathroom, did all the laundry
- ate two really good dinners
- watched one movie
- slept. A LOT
- went grocery shopping
- graded student papers
- emailed students about grades etc.

I actually got an email from someone asking to postpone their makeup exam because they don't have the book, which "makes it difficult to study". WTF student. And I thought you were one of the sane ones.

The other thing we did today was a trip to the local giant hardware store, to price out our potential bathroom remodel. Our one functional (as in, not in the grody basement) bathroom is in dire need of an upgrade. If Partner does it, which he claims is "no problem" (apparently it will be easier if I'm in the field at the time, because I stress him out), it will be not insanely expensive. We might actually do it this year, though that may not be the smartest decision since we still have to pay for our wedding. And we might do something fancy for vacation, since a friend of mine will be living abroad and we'd love to visit. But. I am excited by the prospect of a bathroom that does not scream "decaying remains of the 70's" when I walk into it. We'll see.

Now, back to the Powerpoint. Damn you, Powerpoint.

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ConstituentOther said...

your students crack me up. I had students asking for more credits than they deserve because they "thought their papers was better than the grade they receive." Then I had to, involuntarily, write them an essay pointing out every incorrect understanding of the materials they wrote in their paper, to show them that their paper really didn't worth that much credits. whew!