Monday, April 19, 2010


Conference time is over again - this time with lots of stuff purchased in a bigger city (REI! Whole Foods!) and the acquisition of several pounds of good restaurant-related weight gain. I gave my first talk on a new project, with success all around.

However, general insanity continues, with work completed on the way to the conference, a manuscript review submitted via hotel wireless, my talk written primarily the night before, this morning's lecture written this morning (and too short, damn it!), this afternoon's exam written with half an hour to spare. I'm getting really tired of such short lead times, even if I am making it work, however barely. Also, I forgot to bring lunch today and didn't have time to go find any.

I cannot handle you, Spring.


Unbalanced Reaction said...

So do you do what I do? Build up a hump from awesome, non-chain meals and then let that sustain you through the vast desert (at least in terms of non-McDonald's/Chili's eateries) that is my current town?

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Hells yes! The restaurant wasteland that is Small Town America. We don't have Chili's, but we do have Buffalo Wild Wings.