Sunday, April 4, 2010

worst term ever

Maybe that's a little bit less specific than it should be. This is not necessarily a horrible term in the classroom. I have some awesome seniors working with me, I'm teaching new courses and learning a lot, and I'm racking up a lot of service work that will make my CV look fabulous (and maybe even lead to an eventual reduction in my service load).

I am also, however, generally doing shit for about 10 hours a day, such as teaching, meeting with people, helping students with problem sets, grading, helping students in the lab, and purchasing supplies. Most of the time I eat lunch. Notice that these 10 hours do not include any preparatory time, nor do they, most of the time, include exercise.

Therefore, I have recently been doing 4-5 hours of post-dinner class prep, leading to extreme sleep deficits. Not making me happy. Also, I'll probably have to take an extension on a manuscript re-write, and hope that's ok.

I know this is nothing exciting for other academics. But even my first year, I don't remember being this insane and sleepless. The second year sucks more.

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