Wednesday, May 26, 2010

more student crazies

One of my classes has a cumulative final exam. This cumulative final covers material that has already been tested during smaller exams. These smaller exams each had their own review sheets. The students are insisting that they want a NEW review sheet for the final exam, for which I will copy and paste the review sheets from the tests they have already taken. Apparently this is what it takes to make them happy.

I have not yet come to understand the mindset of my A students who, despite being very smart and getting A's, are still grade-grubbers who argue with me over every single point lost. I'm not sure the loss of good will is really worth those points, kids, because sometimes I do round you up to the next grade if you're very very close and have worked hard all term. If you beg me for points after every single exam, I am less likely to do this.

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