Sunday, May 23, 2010


Clothes on the line today for the first time in a while! Perhaps only the second time this spring. Hooray, the rain is gone for a bit (but it will be back - and now it's much more summery hot out, which I like less than the rain).

Today Partner made fabulous sticky buns for breakfast and an amazing potato dish (with grilled eggplant) for dinner. Unlike most of his cooking, he actually followed a recipe to make the potatoes, which means we can do it again! This happens so rarely that I'm excited (sometimes something delicious does not come out well the second time, because he makes it up as he goes along).

I also discovered that both of the high school sports records I set remain among the "top 10" records for my school. My high school was not that big, but I still feel good about this fact.

I think I may actually be starting an end-of-term taper in workload, until the ultimate grading pile appears. One more reason to require student presentations during the last few days of class. The Fall is also looking less heinous - I'll be doing one repeat and one new course, but the new course will probably not be as much work once I get some of the material prepped over the summer. At least, this is my hope. I expect to be writing two big grants over this summer/fall; my workload may not be that much better than it was this term, but I should at least get to go to bed at a decent hour on a more regular basis.

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