Thursday, May 20, 2010

student research

I have a colleague who has mastered the art of incorporating students into active research, and I am totally jealous. This person teaches an upper level course with an entire lab section that just pumps out publishable data. This person has Seniors doing research that I would qualify as Masters projects. This person is going to write a grant with me, hopefully, to get cool toys so that both of our students can do more of this fabulous cool stuff.

I don't think I could manage the same level of student application, even if I tried. My colleague has an advantage in part because their track has more student participants, but I am also at a disadvantage just because I haven't been here very long - right now I have a few students doing cool things, but the depth just isn't there yet because the students haven't had as much opportunity to take the prerequisite courses from me.

Luckily for me, this person probably does science most similar to my own out of anyone else at SLAC. It's different enough, but we have some overlap. I'm hoping to learn something from, finally, a qualified mentor. Not that people haven't been supportive - it's just taken me this long to figure out what's what here at SLAC and find people who do good research and who, perhaps, are the people I would like to view as models of my future self.

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