Sunday, May 2, 2010


Students! Please spare me. I have some suggestions.

- If you turn in an assignment during the final period of the day on Friday, don't email me at 7pm to ask if I have graded that assignment yet. Your professors are just as excited about weekends as you are.

- Use GOOGLE before you email me. The fact that all I send back is a Wikipedia link means that a) I am way too nice and b) you're a moron

- When I sign my email with my first name and provide a signature line that lists me as "Professor X", do not reply with "Mrs. X,"

- When emailing me on Sunday night to ask questions about an assignment due Monday, please don't expect me to actually walk you through the problem set via email, because I won't.

- As a general rule, "I'm usually a really good student" is not considered a valid excuse. Also please keep in mind that I have access to your academic record.

- Always, someone else has it harder than you. I know those people, and they're still doing better than you are.

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ConstituentOther said...

I must say, students problems are all the same everywhere.