Saturday, June 12, 2010


I need to work on my blogging follow-up. I talked to my GP about the rabies vaccination, and while he didn't really know anything about the vaccination he did manage to find out that I can get a titer when I'm back from the field. Which is great. Except that he also tried to talk me out of maintaining my vaccination - as if he knows anything about where I work. He also doesn't seem to get that this has now been a several-hundred-dollar investment that I don't want to waste by letting it lapse. Grr.

So. I will figure that shit out in August.

More recent busyness:

Finalizing grades. Discussing departmental course changes. Meeting with my Dean and asking questions about tenure progress. Submitting a manuscript revision with the hope that they don't reject, since this particular thing is not something I can turn around for another journal. Being talked into writing a CAREER, apparently just for the hell of it.

Yesterday I shopped for clothes. All. Day. I don't really enjoy shopping for clothes, but I managed to get what I need for the immediate future.

Now, to pack.

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