Wednesday, June 2, 2010

road blocks

I work in fairly remote areas, where there are lots of roving dogs and other random wildlife. I highly doubt that they would ever cause me problems, but since it might be a day or two before I could get myself to a medical facility I have maintained the pre-rabies vaccine series for the past six years. This is, might I add, an expensive series of vaccines that require a booster every 2 years. When I lived in City I would just head over to the county health clinic and get my shot, no questions asked.

This week I've been attempting to find a place to get the booster shot, since it's time for the booster and I'm leaving for the field in less than two weeks. The county health center in my city doesn't carry it. The county health center in the large town north of us doesn't carry it. The county health center in the town south of us DOES carry it, but they WON'T GIVE IT TO ME because I am not a veterinarian.


Apparently IF I can find a place to do a titer and illustrate that my antibody levels are low, they will give me the shot. The fact that I called my local doctor's office and they said, "how would we test for that?" does not make me feel confident that this will be a useful option.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I'm hoping my doctor will just order the damned vaccine. I hope they can do it before I leave. I am full of rage at the idea that some damned panel of jackasses gets to decide whether my specific situation warrants a particular vaccination. What, are people doing pre-rabies as a recreational drug or something, that we need to dole it out only to "qualified" recipients?



T said...

GET THE TITER. You may not need the vaccine. In grad school, the doctors - the same ones who treated all the vet students - wouldn't give me the booster without a titer, same as they did with all the vet students.

And I won't bother with the "why did you put it off so long?" :)

Liberal Arts Lady said...

I put it off because the apparently lax standards of City never gave me a problem! I figured I'd just walk in and get it done, same as always!

The fact that the doctor's office didn't seem to know how to do the titer makes me wonder if I can. But, maybe I just got someone who didn't know what they're talking about. I'll see what they say tomorrow.

ConstituentOther said...

Although doctors are "supposed to" know what they're doing. As always. I'm finding that they're just making more informed guess than us (i.e. general public without medical training.)

With the abundance of transparent information regarding medical issues online nowadays, I sometimes find myself to be more knowledgeable about a particular condition I have than my PCP.

for better or for worse? ha!

Karina said...

Were you able to get the titer? I've had my titer checked twice now and haven't needed a booster. Especially since you've had boosters before without getting your titer checked, seems like the odds are good you don't need a booster. But I'm not a doctor...