Sunday, June 20, 2010

Updates from the almost-field

Almost one week into my time here and we're almost ready to head into the field. Housing arranged, equipment rented, permissions acquired, staff hired, etc. etc. We've had to "hurry up and wait," for most of it, but at least things move slowly forward. We'll have some time for preliminary work, and then the students arrive later this week; by then we should be ready to dive in.

Partner is home right now, tearing apart our bathroom. I've been working in this part of the world for six years, and he's never gotten to come along. As a graduate student with no say in arrangements, and no cash, that wasn't going to happen. But even as a PI I've yet to make it happen - partly due to logistics, partly due to money, partly due to Partner having a job of his own. One of these years I'm going to drag him here with me, but so far he's been the cat sitter (and this year, bathroom remodeler). Poor guy.

I admit that I will appreciate one more night of bed/shower/internet. But it will be nice to get things rolling.


EcoGeoFemme said...

Ecogeoman has been to some pretty incredible places for field work and I never get to go along. That's kind of a bummer until I think about the work he's actually doing in the field, and then I'm happy I'm not helping.

Good luck with your work!

Karina said...

I hate to "hurry up and wait!" I sympathize.

Thanks for answering my question about your partner and fieldwork! I'm hoping that my husband will get to come to my field site (again) before I finish, but I'm not sure. We'll see...

Liberal Arts Lady said...

I've been wanting to bring Partner for a while, but it never seems to be a good idea once the details get nailed down. I'm sure he'd be horrified with the field living, but it would still be nice if he knew what I did every day out here!