Monday, July 19, 2010

back to civilization

The season is over, and we're back in the city finishing up the final paperwork/reports/finances. The students are officially no longer our responsibility, and we have access to regular showers and internet. Even though I'm looking forward to getting home, those things alone are really, really nice right now.

This season was short, but it was also extra tough for some reason that none of us can really describe. Maybe it was the more intense working schedule that we followed to make up for the short season; maybe it was the particular mix of personalities. We also dealt with some difficulties, including theft and health issues. But we made it through, and for the moment that's just fine.

On the plus side, this season I did manage to make some serious progress on developing what I think are fundable research directions, and while I was in the field I had a paper accepted. That made me feel especially productive, without having to do anything. Overall, an acceptable season.

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