Thursday, July 29, 2010


I have almost finished the pile of stuff that really had to get done this week. Hopefully tomorrow will be the end of it. I've also survived a particularly useless workshop on teaching writing to undergraduates, which I was at least paid for attending. I feel a funk coming on, my normal post-fieldwork funk, perhaps, which I would like to stave off until we have a functional toilet installed, at the very least.

Interesting things this week:

I filled out my first FBI background check form, for one of my former students. I'm surprised that very basic internships seem to warrant FBI background checks.

I have to dive back into search committee work, very briefly, and I'm not thrilled about it.

Some of my students who are around this summer came by to pick up some equipment and get some advice regarding their summer projects (which I'm not directly supervising, but which are related to what I do). I needed that reminder that my students are awesome, because they are. Those brief conversations gave me some enthusiasm for the fall, even if I've used it up in the past few days.

I think I may be dragging Partner off to a vacation somewhere next week, regardless of the state of our house and the remodel.

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T said...

I have a suggestion on where you can vacation. It happens to be the same town where I'm living. Just a suggestion - you have a place to stay here.