Monday, August 30, 2010


I had a bridal shower this past weekend. I didn't really know what to expect from a shower, but apparently it's completely expected that you will get gifts from people you've never met, and they will be happy with some cake in exchange. Interesting. No complaints here!

Blah! Too. Many. Things. All of which need to get done before next week. All of which I don't really want to do. I'm also a little annoyed by this transition-to-term time period - there are some people who aren't really around, there are summer students who haven't yet cleaned up their stuff in the lab, but I really need to get things ready to go and get things moving. But then, it's my last chance to do anything useful on the house, and work out on a daily basis...but I also know that once the term starts my efforts at grant-writing and manuscript development will be cut down significantly.

The summer seems to destroy all of my time management skills.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Type A

I have some neighbors who drive me nuts with their inefficiency. They'll mow 1/4 of their back yard, then leave the mower sitting around and go do something else. Knowing that this irritates me probably provides a decent glimpse into my Type A personality.

Guess who's messing with the basic requirements of the Freshman class that I'm teaching for the first time!? Yep. I need to teach stuff that does not piss me off, I have decided, so I'm tossing some of the common material. Suck it, planning committee, you make bad decisions.

My overload is now official for the Fall, which means that I'll probably not be seeing Partner at all (not awake, anyway) one day a week. And then I'll have at least four students doing independent work, plus lab people. I guess the lesson here is: never assume that things will be better next term, because shit happens.

I find myself generally existing in a state of low-level irritation these days. Apparently I've had too much leisure time and not enough pressure. Type A, anyone? I'm actually looking forward to having to BE places. What is WRONG with me!?

Time to go work out, and maybe burn off some of this bad attitude.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I have painted walls, my friends, and it makes me happy. I'm sure someone who knew what they were doing wouldn't have ended up with the "ok-looking plaster wall" effect on new drywall...but, I am not that person. I also succeeded in finally treating our deck, which was in serious need. This leaves me this evening with legs covered in paint, wood stain, and blood - from where my evil cat attacked my ankles, apparently as punishment for leaving her alone all day while getting things done.

I probably don't have to point out that all this home productivity is the direct result of having so much work-related prep still to do - I have syllabus drafts for both of my classes, at least. That's something...right? Even if I haven't read the books yet?

As the result of more reorganization of major requirements, I get to both overload this term AND turn one of my courses into a class that would count toward SLAC's writing credits, of which students have to complete a certain number before graduating. This means upping how much writing my students do by a little bit, and adding mandatory revisions. It also means that BOTH of the classes I'll be teaching this coming term will be writing credit courses - which is not how I would have planned it had I known. I'm not really looking forward to this term any more, in case you were wondering.

Maybe I WILL paint the dining room after all...

Monday, August 16, 2010


Partner is off for a week in a much nicer place (weather-wise) for work. As soon as he left, our washer stopped working. Universe, I know that n=2 here thus far, but I'm not enjoying this particular correlation.

In other news, I bought a dress. Apparently I was down to the wire there - who knew it takes so friggin' long to ship dresses? Why are you so screwed up, wedding industry? Not everyone buys these things two years in advance.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Today I had a surprisingly great experience with my cell phone company, after I sent them a complaint regarding our last visit to their store (where an employee lied to us directly in the hope that we would get a smarter phone instead of the basic data-less type that we already have). They called me and apologized and everything. Hooray for evil corporations with monopolies on network coverage who are at least nice to their customers sometimes.

They also made some suggestions regarding my inability to reliably text to the states from foreign cell phones. This seems to be an issue just for this carrier, and I've tried to get help with it in the past, but today was the first time anyone made useful suggestions about what could be done. Why is it such a crap shoot to get good customer service? One day it sucks, the next day the person you talk to is fabulous.

Today I also made a giant pile of spackle dust as I attempted to smooth out the joints in the bathroom walls. I think it might be semi-ok, and since the rest of our walls are crazy plaster with decades' worth of repairs and irregularities, I'm hoping that these new walls won't look too bad in comparison even if I do suck at this.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the grouch

Partner is back to work and I'm attempting to mud and tape wallboard. If you've never done this, believe me when I tell you that it sucks. And I won't have as much time for it as I thought, as I just found out that I will in fact end up overloading this fall (with compensation, but still) due to the last-minute loss of our visiting hire. Shit. Our backup also fell through.

I will also briefly declare, for those of you who may someday be wedding guests, that if you can't know whether you will show up until way past the rsvp date, that means you can't come. Sorry kids, but I'm not paying for your food and renting your chairs on the off chance that you will show. I know not everyone has a lifestyle that allows them to rsvp - sorry, that means you won't be attending many weddings. That's life.

Another tip of the day: fruit smoothies are really gross if you let them get to room temperature.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

wedding prep

Partner took a break from the bathroom remodel (now that we have a toilet, the rest is just details!) to help with some of the wedding shopping. We successfully purchased wedding rings AND his outfit today, which is real progress. We scandalized the employees of the clothing store by revealing that I have not purchased a dress, yet Partner is now all suited out. I guess we are weird like that.

I can only hope that my search for my clothes next week goes half as well.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

lessons for the month

I know, it's August now....but I'm in denial. So, lessons from the month of July:

- Once your committee/Dean makes a job offer and the candidate accepts it...don't throw away all your written notes about the phone interviews you conducted.

- Students don't ever understand the concept of "summer" as "professors/staff may be unavailable". I'm also a little surprised by just how many of my students are around during the summer.

- My colleagues also don't seem to understand the concept of "vacation". It's only a couple days, people, I'll be back on Monday. Gimme a break.

- home projects always take at least five times longer than anticipated

It's probably better to refer to these as "reminders," since I SHOULD have known them all, at the very least. Hello, August.