Tuesday, August 10, 2010

the grouch

Partner is back to work and I'm attempting to mud and tape wallboard. If you've never done this, believe me when I tell you that it sucks. And I won't have as much time for it as I thought, as I just found out that I will in fact end up overloading this fall (with compensation, but still) due to the last-minute loss of our visiting hire. Shit. Our backup also fell through.

I will also briefly declare, for those of you who may someday be wedding guests, that if you can't know whether you will show up until way past the rsvp date, that means you can't come. Sorry kids, but I'm not paying for your food and renting your chairs on the off chance that you will show. I know not everyone has a lifestyle that allows them to rsvp - sorry, that means you won't be attending many weddings. That's life.

Another tip of the day: fruit smoothies are really gross if you let them get to room temperature.

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