Wednesday, August 4, 2010

lessons for the month

I know, it's August now....but I'm in denial. So, lessons from the month of July:

- Once your committee/Dean makes a job offer and the candidate accepts it...don't throw away all your written notes about the phone interviews you conducted.

- Students don't ever understand the concept of "summer" as "professors/staff may be unavailable". I'm also a little surprised by just how many of my students are around during the summer.

- My colleagues also don't seem to understand the concept of "vacation". It's only a couple days, people, I'll be back on Monday. Gimme a break.

- home projects always take at least five times longer than anticipated

It's probably better to refer to these as "reminders," since I SHOULD have known them all, at the very least. Hello, August.


Ms.PhD said...

Does that mean someone backed out of taking a job?

I think the vacation non-understanding is an academic learning disability.

Home projects - are you sure it's only 5x and not 10x?

I can't believe it's August, either.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

Backed out, in a sense, but more was forced to due to life events. Shit happens, I guess.

So far, only 5x. We'll see.

Unbalanced Reaction said...

Are you going to try to hire TT or a visiting ass. before the semester starts? Or is everyone getting stuck with overloads?

Liberal Arts Lady said...

We're getting help for the short term from someone who previously helped us cover courses, who is employed outside of academia but is willing to teach sometimes. Then we're trying to find someone to visit next term. Not sure how successful that will be.