Friday, August 13, 2010


Today I had a surprisingly great experience with my cell phone company, after I sent them a complaint regarding our last visit to their store (where an employee lied to us directly in the hope that we would get a smarter phone instead of the basic data-less type that we already have). They called me and apologized and everything. Hooray for evil corporations with monopolies on network coverage who are at least nice to their customers sometimes.

They also made some suggestions regarding my inability to reliably text to the states from foreign cell phones. This seems to be an issue just for this carrier, and I've tried to get help with it in the past, but today was the first time anyone made useful suggestions about what could be done. Why is it such a crap shoot to get good customer service? One day it sucks, the next day the person you talk to is fabulous.

Today I also made a giant pile of spackle dust as I attempted to smooth out the joints in the bathroom walls. I think it might be semi-ok, and since the rest of our walls are crazy plaster with decades' worth of repairs and irregularities, I'm hoping that these new walls won't look too bad in comparison even if I do suck at this.

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