Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Type A

I have some neighbors who drive me nuts with their inefficiency. They'll mow 1/4 of their back yard, then leave the mower sitting around and go do something else. Knowing that this irritates me probably provides a decent glimpse into my Type A personality.

Guess who's messing with the basic requirements of the Freshman class that I'm teaching for the first time!? Yep. I need to teach stuff that does not piss me off, I have decided, so I'm tossing some of the common material. Suck it, planning committee, you make bad decisions.

My overload is now official for the Fall, which means that I'll probably not be seeing Partner at all (not awake, anyway) one day a week. And then I'll have at least four students doing independent work, plus lab people. I guess the lesson here is: never assume that things will be better next term, because shit happens.

I find myself generally existing in a state of low-level irritation these days. Apparently I've had too much leisure time and not enough pressure. Type A, anyone? I'm actually looking forward to having to BE places. What is WRONG with me!?

Time to go work out, and maybe burn off some of this bad attitude.

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