Thursday, September 16, 2010

bits of today

I'm secretly hoping that one of my potential honors students changes their mind, because I didn't anticipate three, and I think three might kill me.

My office is right across a small hallway from my Chair's office. This means that even when my door is only open a crack, I can still hear what's going on at Chair's office. I've noticed that students who come by looking for Chair tend to knock on the door, wait a few seconds, and then TRY THE DOORKNOB. Seriously students? So, if the door is shut but the knob turns, what, you're going to walk in and apologize that you opened the door when the occupant of that office had obviously already ignored your knock? WTF? I'm tempted to unlock my door and leave it shut, then pretend to be in the middle of something like putting on my shirt when a student barges in. I won't really do this, but it would serve them right.

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