Sunday, September 26, 2010


Tonight Partner asked me if I was "going to be like this" until the wedding. He said it half-jokingly, as if asking that question might make it not come true. He said it knowing that it was true and his only defense was sarcasm.

Tonight we tried on the wedding clothes, and I found that a dress I picked up on Wednesday night and which seemed fine at the time is now kinda tight around the chest. Not necessarily visibly, but definitely from the standpoint of obtaining adequate oxygen. I'm wondering WTF this means, as I did have the lady put on straps post-fitting (to guard against my inability to wear strapless without pulling on it) but otherwise have done nothing different.

Semi-panic: do I have it taken out? Do I assume that it will be fine, since it was a few days ago? Do I try to lose approximately 1/4 inch between now and then in order to have enough space?



Alyssa said...

Try it on again in a few days and see how it fits!

EcoGeoFemme said...

When is the wedding again?

I'd wait till close to the last minute to get a final fitting if you can, especially since your intense exercise schedule is f'd up.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

well, we're down to two weeks now. What counts as "last minute"??

Tomorrow I'll try again with some external advisors and see what happens.