Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have survived this week - we'll see how it goes next week. Today I had all kinds of plans to work on my grant, but it looks like instead I caught up on some sleep and will now be in grading jail for the rest of the day. I'm loving this cooler weather that has finally rolled in, and at least I can work at home with the windows open and take care of some laundry.

Saturday is also nice because it means I get to see Partner no matter what his work schedule. Lately he's been rolling in with just enough time to eat and get to bed, and often I've missed him completely because I had to be somewhere in the evening. It sucks to live with someone and still only see them when one of you is asleep. Hooray for Sundays - even if next week will probably be the same lame pattern.

One of the students in my freshman class referred to a "General Custard" in an essay. Hilarious and depressing, all at once.

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Eric Reuter said...

Surely you've heard of the Montana dairy chain, Custard's Last Stand?