Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Tickets to Asia, I has them! Exciting! We have not previously managed expensive foreign travel - Partner hasn't been anywhere out of North America yet, and I usually am limited to stuff that is work-related. Could this be the beginning of significant change? Perhaps!

I'm also already discussing my next summer's schedule with my research team - looks like I may be abroad for at least six weeks again. I'm ok with that, really, but I'm also not opposed to taking a year off. Since it will all come down to money, this is a good place to be - not set on things happening but willing to make use of the cash if it happens to appear.

I will be going abroad for a few weeks over the winter, for sure. Luckily I may get to see a friend of mine who also works in that part of the world. Hooray for overlaps!

Exciting plans. I just have to make it through the current term. I received an email from a student this evening with an assignment attached, with ended with "hope to see you soon!" What does that mean, student? Sigh.

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