Friday, October 22, 2010


One of those weeks. Those weeks when every day you collapse into your office chair at 4 pm and wonder where the hell the day went, and try desperately to get all the stupid little important crap finished before everyone leaves for the day, but fail and end up with a pile of unaccomplished little jobs by the end of the week. I hate it when I feel like I have to be in hyper-drive all the time, grading until I'm exhausted and then going to bed but so aware of the fact that I have only a few hours to sleep that I end up lying awake, then dragging myself out of bed way too early to do it again.

Sometimes I have to wonder, aren't I supposed to have time to THINK?

At least one accomplishment this week - we now have a dumpster full of construction debris, instead of a pile of debris under our deck, which is where the remains of our bathroom have been living since the summer. Partner definitely outdid himself, taking out four walls and one floor of really thick concrete and hauling it all outside. At least I was around to help him drag it down the driveway.


T said...

When does "partner" get upgraded to "husband"? ;)

Dr. Cynicism said...

Well I'll be damned... I was just conversing with a colleague about this very point recently. We scramble around so hectically, constantly working from project to project, putting out fires whenever they come up, but never really get time to sit down and THINK. Rarely do I have an afternoon to truly contemplate the theories or possible meanings behind the research I'm conducting because the whole "game" is just a rat race. And aren't we the people, the professors and researchers, the ones that are expected to be THINKING deeply about all this stuff?

Craziness :-)