Friday, October 1, 2010


I was already behind on my grading due to my overload, which had a big assignment this week. Today I'm getting new papers and an exam to grade, I'm running a field trip this weekend, and I just got manuscript proofs that are due back on Monday.

Have I mentioned that I really need to get my house in order before next week? It's a disgusting pit at the moment, and I've been putting off mowing the lawn in the hopes that if I let it go until the last minute I'd only have to do it once before the wedding. The last minute may have arrived in this case (as in so many others). Whose bright idea was it to get married in the town where we live?

On the plus side, I have everything wedding-related done except program printing and centerpiece arrangement, and it looks like it will be sunny and dry on our wedding day. Assuming these longish-term weather predictions can be trusted.


Alyssa said...

Good luck getting everything done! I'm sure the wedding will be wonderful :)

Liberal Arts Lady said...