Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I like that the readers of Inside Higher Education are encouraged to read only those blog posts in which I reveal my inner crazy person and rant about my students. I suppose that should teach me to stop being crazy and stop ranting about my students. Should. You know I really love them, though. Right?

In other news.

I was asked to share the vegan mac and cheese recipe; this was my first attempt, and I used this version, which was actually pretty good. I added broccoli and onion, I used half of a tofu block instead of 1/4, and I cut the garlic powder and salt by half. I would actually suggest cutting the spices to a quarter of the recipe amount unless you are a big fan of garlic and salt (and you can always add salt later). I halved this recipe as a whole, which fed two of us plus leftovers.

If anyone has good vegan mac and cheese recipe suggestions, I'd love to try something else and see how it compares (R.B. I will be trying that one too)!

Speaking of vegan cheese, I highly recommend this recipe for nacho "cheese" dip. It's fabulous and easy, and we have it fairly regularly with burritos or tacos. Don't burn it, though, because it tastes really bad when you do.

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