Friday, November 12, 2010


As I continue to slog through term papers, I've found two more, not as blatant, examples of plagiarism. One student has pages and pages of info with no in-text citation. The other lifts direct text and cites it but without quotation marks.

So. Furious. These fucking kids.

I already have one student in the official system for plagiarizers. These guys are less horrible offenders, but they will be failing the assignment as a result. Maybe it was my fault for assuming that my middle-level class full of juniors and seniors would only need a 20-minute refresher on citation before they wrote a paper. Stupid me.


T said...

Neither of those would even register as instances of plagiarism at my institution. I'm jealous of your problems.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

That's even more depressing. No wonder adults in this country can't cite.

Anonymous said...

You're lucky you have an official system for plagiarizers. When I was in grad school at East Coaste State University, the prof and I caught numerous examples of blatant, Google-provable cheating and go no support whatsoever from administration. None of the kids were remotely prosecuted, none of it went on their records, the most we were allowed to do was fail the assignment. Don't know if they were influentual rich kids or what, but it sickened us to know they'd go on with no trace of repurcussion. Damn business majors. Probably ended up on Wall St screwing up again.

Dr. Cynicism said...

What methods do you use to catch the word-predators? And I agree with "anonymous," the fact that your school has an official system is light years beyond what I've dealt with.

Liberal Arts Lady said...

I'm horrified that there aren't systems for plagiarizers everywhere. Thanks for the perspective! :)

Dr. Cyn, it's mostly just noting more technical academese and then googling a few word combinations that seem particularly unlikely. I'm always amazed that they don't think they'll get caught for stealing language from academic journals.

ARC said...

Plagiarism is rampant. I catch at least one student every time an assignment is due in class. My paralegal students take it to a new level by lifting pages of material from...wait for it...Wikipedia. Wiki-effing-pedia. Wiki-not-a-GD-reliabe-source-pedia. I am staring at the zero that I placed on the top of one right now.

I have similar issues in that my college only supports F's on the assignments (though occasionally F's in a class).

Here is my question: do y'all ever send out emails to the students in the class informing them that there are cheaters in the mix and that said cheaters should come forward before the grades are returned? I have never tried it (though I have raged in class) and would like the thoughts of others before I attempt to pen such a note.