Saturday, November 20, 2010


My laptop is yelling at me to remove files from my C drive. This is how old and overused my laptop has become...and a reason why I need to find time to talk to the computer center about a new one. In the meantime, I've been backing up and then deleting a lot of old folders...including my dissertation files. I know, that's ancient history now, and all those papers have been published. Still, it's somehow meaningful to finally press "delete" on that one.

Classes are done and I have hope that I will get a lot of grading finished before we head out for Thanksgiving with Partner's family. I also hope to write a short grant proposal. All this hope, and yet today all I did was rake leaves and cook.

This year I don't have much space in my winter break. Last December I repaired and painted our living room walls. I had delusional visions of doing the same to our dining room this year, but with grants and course prep and student recommendation letters I'll be lucky if I manage to work less than I have during the term. At least we have a mandatory vacation, in the form of expensive plane tickets that have already been purchased. No way am I dragging my work computer overseas if I don't have to.

Tomorrow, to the office!


Dr. Cynicism said...

Good luck on scoring a new laptop. I'd also recommend using Dropbox - it's a great way to auto back up all your work, be able to sync files between multiple computers, and completely eliminate a thumb drive. Neat, right?

Liberal Arts Lady said...

I was just introduced to Dropbox by a colleague while trying to exchange Illustrator files. Great system, I'll have to start using it regularly!