Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Time to take a look at the travel schedule for the coming months.

This month: overseas vacation
Next month: overseas field season (very short!) with a day to see a friend while abroad (yay!)
March: 10-day field trip with students several days' drive west of SLAC
Summer: overseas field season with students and, if my grant gets rejected, some serious work adding data to our pilot project
Summer: mandatory trip to see my family

Note, no spring conferences! It's a miracle! A miracle made possible by the fact that there are THREE conferences I would like to/need to attend, and they are happening in September, October, and November. I will probably have to skip at least one, and that sucks. One is the big annual conference for my field and I plan to bring students; one is relevant to my primary field project and I should probably be there. The third is subdiscipline specific and is always a lot of fun. Guess which one I'll probably have to miss?

Partner has to come see my family with me, and I hope to drag him out for a week during the summer and, hopefully, to at least one conference. I always say these things, though, and they rarely happen. Partner, this is why I got you that jerk of a cat. I know you are grateful.

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